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Maryland Workers’ Compensation for Volunteers

By Frame & Frame, LLC |

A large percentage of first responders are volunteers. According to Business Insider, 69 percent of all firefighters are volunteers. But do they qualify for the same workers’ compensation benefits as a full-time city or county first responder employee? Thousands of others spend their time volunteering throughout Maryland in various positions, from helping with school… Read More »


Estate Planning for Adult Children with Disabilities

By Frame & Frame, LLC |

According to the American Bar Association, medical advancements have and will continue to allow more and more developmentally challenged children to reach adulthood, which brings the question: are parents planning for how their end of life will impact their adult disabled child? Creating a special needs trust is important for parents with both disabled… Read More »


Elder Financial Abuse and Fraud

By Frame & Frame, LLC |

Elder abuse comes in many shapes and forms, including physical and emotional abuse. The most common source of abuse comes from the older person’s own family members. This is also true of financial abuse. Family members, friends, hired help, and others are all typical perpetrators of elder financial abuse, which consists of fraud and… Read More »


Occupational Respiratory Illness

By Frame & Frame, LLC |

When it comes to health hazards, issues arising in the respiratory system are serious. Initially, symptoms such as a cough may seem mild, however, left unmanaged respiratory health concerns can become fatal. If you believe you have been exposed to chemicals, fumes, dust, or other irritant that is causing problems with your breathing, you… Read More »


Pedestrian Injuries

By Frame & Frame, LLC |

Unfortunately, using crosswalks, sidewalks, and obeying traffic laws is not always enough for pedestrians to stay safe; thousands of pedestrians are killed across the nation every year by inattentive, aggressive, or drunk drivers. What is almost just as bad as being hit by a negligent driver is the fact that many times, the driver… Read More »


Common Probate Issues

By Frame & Frame, LLC |

Unfortunately, probate is not always a smooth or straightforward process. Probate, which is the official proving of a will, is a necessary step to take after a loved one passes away before the assets in the will can be divided and the decedent’s last wishes can be carried out. We understand just how frustrating… Read More »


Paternity Disputes

By Frame & Frame, LLC |

When you have a child born out of wedlock, legal issues arise when the father refuses to pay for child support or the mother denies that the child is the father’s, therefore denying child custody rights or visitation privileges. Both of these issues, whether you are the mother or are the potential father, can… Read More »


Estate Planning With Your Pets in Mind

By Frame & Frame, LLC |

For many people, a pet is a family member or quasi-child. They carefully make arrangements that best suit their pet during travel, but rarely does an owner make permanent, legally-binding plans for their companions if they should die. Promises from a friend or family member may not actually happen if suddenly someone finds out… Read More »


Workers’ Compensation for Hospital Workers

By Frame & Frame, LLC |

Many workplace accidents send employees to the hospital, but sometimes it is the hospital employees themselves who get injured on the job. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has found that injury and illness rates for hospital employees are higher than that of the construction or manufacturing industries, which are both seen as hazardous… Read More »


Enforcing Child Support Agreements

By Frame & Frame, LLC |

When you and your child, or children, depend on child support payments coming in each month and the paying parent refuses to pay on time, or has simply refused to pay for months or years on end, it is your right to take legal action. There is no excuse that the other parent can… Read More »

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