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Do I Need an Advanced Healthcare Directive?

By Frame & Frame, LLC |

As we age it becomes increasingly important to consider creating or refining a will or estate plan. A well crafted estate plan not only helps put one’s mind at ease, knowing that their final wishes will be carried out, but it serves to console your survivors when you are gone. Having a legal decision… Read More »


Job Hazards of Poultry Processing and Slaughtering

By Frame & Frame, LLC |

Poultry consumption in the U.S. and Maryland has been growing for years now, with each passing month seeming to be at an all time high. In fact, it is not uncommon for 10.5 million birds to be slaughtered on a weekly basis, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. And, unfortunately, the poultry industry… Read More »


Division of Marital Property

By Frame & Frame, LLC |

During divorce, many couples wish to know what is at stake in terms of their property, both real and personal. Maryland is an equitable distribution state, meaning that property is not divided equally in every situation. However, the court will make a “fair” decision, and typically both spouses receive an equal share of the… Read More »


Comprehensive Durable Power of Attorney

By Frame & Frame, LLC |

A Comprehensive Durable Power of Attorney is imperative for all adults who wish to take care of their finances should they become incapacitated. A comprehensive durable power of attorney allows you to select who you want take care of your assets while you are alive but unable to act on your own. It also… Read More »


Tree Care Operations

By Frame & Frame, LLC |

The risks associated with tree care operations, such as pruning, removal of branches or entire trees, trimming, and other types of care, are extraordinarily great. The potentially fatal hazards come in many shapes and forms, from falling to a lower level to electrical shock from high voltage power lines. Maryland tree trimmers, pruners, and… Read More »


Hearing Loss

By Frame & Frame, LLC |

Hearing loss is one of the most common injuries that construction, factory, and other manual laborers encounter in their lines of work. Being exposed to loud noises, day in and day out, can cause temporary and permanent hearing damage, which significantly complicates a person’s social and family life, damages their ability to perform their… Read More »


Frame & Frame Voted Best Law Firm in Pasadena for 2017 by the Pasadena Voice

By Frame & Frame, LLC |

Powered Industrial Truck Accidents

By Frame & Frame, LLC |

A Powered Industrial Truck (PIT) is a term that encompasses a variety of machinery and vehicles that are designed to move heavy objects, lift pallets, load semi trailers, and move materials during construction projects. They are used in almost every major industry to some degree, and if that industry does not specifically use them,… Read More »


Were You Injured in a Bicycle Crash?

By Frame & Frame, LLC |

While Maryland traffic deaths in total increased 17.3 percent from 2014 to 2015, Maryland bicyclist fatalities doubled in that same time period, according to the Capital Gazette. If you were hit by a car, bus, truck, or other motor vehicle while riding your bike, taking legal action against the negligent party should be one… Read More »


Future of Maryland Workers’ Compensation Faces Adversity

By Frame & Frame, LLC |

Workers’ compensation in Maryland has faced numerous pressures that have not always had the injured workers’ best interests in mind. In fact, state reforms to workers’ compensation generally side with large companies and health insurance providers that seek to cut costs and increase their profitability. The future of workers’ compensation is at stake for… Read More »

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