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Monthly Archives: March 2019


For Some Elders, Guardianship is Akin to Prison

By Frame & Frame, LLC |

As a senior citizen with wisdom learned through countless life lessons, one would expect to be treated with a high level of respect and admiration. Senior citizens have provided and sacrificed for their families for decades, and it only makes sense that they should be treated with respect, appreciation, and a high social status…. Read More »

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A Positive Outcome: How Two Divorce Attorneys Handled Their Own Divorce

By Frame & Frame, LLC |

A Chicago couple, who got married just after they each finished law school, went through the process of argument, therapy, argument, and inevitably divorce. Why is this story noteworthy? Because both were and still are divorce attorneys, as the New York Times reports. With years of experience helping clients through often messy and almost… Read More »

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