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Probate Administration: Asset Identification

By Frame & Frame, LLC |

As an executor of a will, it is your fiduciary duty to identify all assets of the estate. Failing to do so can end in a personal lawsuit against you, which would of course further splinter family relations. During the process of grieving for the loss of your loved one, mistakes can easily be… Read More »


How Much Say Do I Have in My Treatment?

By Frame & Frame, LLC |

Injured Maryland Workers Have a Right to Make Medical Decisions or Demand a Different Doctor Workers’ compensation doctors are sometimes referred to as the “company doctor” because there is a preconceived, yet not totally unfounded, notion that the physician works for your employer and will use the cheapest methods available to get you back… Read More »

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Protect Your Family’s Future | An Exclusive Seminar for Masons on Thursday, April 26th

By Frame & Frame, LLC |

Tara Frame and Erica Redmond are giving a closed seminar to Masons on Thursday, April 26, 2018 at 7:30 pm. If you are interested in attending a similar seminar that is open to the public, please call 410-255-0373 and tell them you want to sign up for the next seminar on Protecting Your Family’s… Read More »


Using a Trust to Give to a Charity

By Frame & Frame, LLC |

Giving to a charity after death is one of the best ways to leave a lasting, beneficial mark on the world once you are gone. The type of estate plan best suited to your needs depends on how much you wish to leave behind for your loved ones, your total value of your assets,… Read More »


Do Not Resuscitate Order

By Frame & Frame, LLC |

For some, one of the most important aspects of their estate plan is a Do Not Resuscitate order, more commonly referred to as a DNR. A DNR tells emergency personnel or hospital staff not to attempt revival in the event that you experience respiratory failure or cardiac arrest. You or your healthcare guardian, as… Read More »


Injuries Caused by Drowsy Drivers

By Frame & Frame, LLC |

Virtually everyone has been tired behind the wheel of a car. Whether you felt your eyes grow heavy during the tail end of a long cross-country trip, or you found yourself nodding off on your commute to work due to another night of not enough sleep, the risk of continuing to drive after that… Read More »


Estate Planning for Cryptocurrency

By Frame & Frame, LLC |

Cryptocurrency is so new that many investors (people that own cryptocurrency) forget to include it in their will or trust. In fact, Bitcoin, which was the first successful cryptocurrency, only began in 2009, according to Forbes, and it was not until 2010 that it was first sold by an investor. One person sold 10,000… Read More »


Life Insurance and Probate

By Frame & Frame, LLC |

When a Life Insurance Policy Must Go Through Probate A beneficiary must be named with the insurance company for the life insurance policy to be paid out. Unlike other types of assets, such as real estate or the money in a bank account, a will alone will not suffice when it comes to life… Read More »


Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit for Assault

By Frame & Frame, LLC |

A Maryland high school student was shot by two of his classmates in the school parking lot recently, as reported by The74Million. He was taken to the hospital with two gunshot wounds to the chest, is currently in stable condition as of this writing, and police believe that robbery may have been the motive… Read More »


Problems With Joint Tenancy

By Frame & Frame, LLC |

When people find out about probate, some do more than cringe; they decide to sign their children on as joint owners to their desired property. Sharing property as such creates a right of survivorship in which if person A dies, person B receives the property. This is called joint tenancy, and it can create… Read More »

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