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Maryland Grandparent Rights Attorney

Grandparents rights cases are especially complex. Under Maryland law, there is no statute giving grandparents the right to visit their grandchildren. There are, however, cases in which a child’s grandparents may be granted visitation rights — or, potentially, even full custody of a child.

The award-winning Maryland grandparent rights attorneys at Frame & Frame have extensive experience handling child custody and child visitation cases. No matter the specific nature of your situation, we are prepared to help. To set up your confidential grandparent rights consultation, please contact our legal team today.

Maryland Law Features the Best Interests of the Child Standard

Notably, under a ruling from the U. S. Supreme Court, Maryland laws presume that parents have an inherent right to raise their child in accordance with their own wishes. This means that, in practice, a child’s parent may be able to deny grandparents access to their grandkids. Under Maryland state law, grandparents have no statutory rights to custody or to visitation.

In Maryland, all child custody and child visitation issues are resolved under the state’s legal standard of what is in the best interests of the child. Should a custody or visitation case make it to court, the judge must find a resolution that is in the best interests of the child. Should the circumstances warrant it, grandparents may be able to prove that awarding them custody or visitation is in the best interests of the child. This is a high bar to clear — but it can certainly be done in some cases. As an example, if a parent has developed a serious drug addiction — this is a growing problem in Maryland, caused by the opioid epidemic — a grandparent may be able to assert custodial rights over the objections of the child’s parent.

How a Maryland Family Law Attorney Can Help

Our Maryland family law attorneys are knowledgeable, compassionate advocates for our clients. We always take the time to understand the situation of the grandparents, so that we can offer them effective legal guidance that is narrowly tailored to meet their needs. In many cases, grandparents can best assert their interests — establishing a positive, ongoing relationship with their grandchildren — by working in a collaborative manner with the child’s parent. Collaborative efforts are often best for grandparents because the child’s parents have far stronger legal rights. However, there are many exceptions to this general rule. If grandparents are worried about the health and safety of a grandchild, it is imperative that they seek immediate legal representation. The best option may be to take aggressive legal action — potentially even seeking custody of a grandchild.

Speak to a Maryland Family Law Attorney

The Maryland family law attorneys at Frame & Frame have extensive experience handling a full range of grandparent rights cases. To schedule your confidential consultation, please contact us. With offices in Pasadena and Stevensville, we serve communities in Maryland.

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