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Maryland Wages & Medical Expenses Attorney

As an injured worker, you can receive workers’ compensation to pay for your medical treatment, as well as compensation for your lost wages and lost ability to earn wages in the future if your condition will result in a permanent disability. The Maryland wages & medical expenses attorneys of Frame & Frame are here to explain everything in detail to you today.

Workers Compensation Wages & Medical Expenses

Frame & Frame, LLC, was founded over five decades ago, and our lawyers have many years of experience in the area of workers’ compensation law. We help people get the compensation they deserve as a result of workplace injuries that have left them unable, or less able, to work. To speak with an experienced Maryland wages & medical expenses workers’ compensation attorney, contact us online or call our Pasadena office at 410-255-0373 or our Stevensville office at 410-643-2202. We offer a free initial half-hour consultation.

Medical Benefits

Workers injured on the job or who got sick due to their job duties are eligible for medical benefits provided by physicians, physical therapists, and other medical professionals, and these services include the following:

  • Surgery;
  • Hospitalization;
  • Nursing services;
  • Medicine;
  • Crutches and other medical apparatus; and
  • Prosthetics.

In some cases, these services can last indefinitely if necessary.

Types of Wage Replacement Under Maryland Workers’ Compensation

In order to calculate the amount of wage replacement that you are entitled to, the history of your compensation will be analyzed to come up with your average weekly wages. This is done by averaging out the previous 13 weeks of wages that you earned to get an accurate idea of what you typically made before your injury, according to the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission. The following includes various amounts of financial compensation that an injured worker can receive in Maryland:

  • Temporary Partial Disability: Fifty percent of the difference between your average weekly wages and your wage earning capacity, up to $547.
  • Temporary Total Disability: Two thirds of your average weekly wages, up to $1,094 per week.
  • Permanent Partial Disability: Two thirds of your average weekly wages, up to $365 per week for 75 weeks up to 249 weeks.
  • Permanent Total Disability: Two thirds of your average weekly wages, up to $1,094 per week.
  • Serious Disability Benefits:Two thirds of your average weekly wages, up to $821 per week.
  • Loss of a Body Part, Under 9–627: For awards of under 75 weeks the compensation will be set at just one-third of your average weekly wages (maxed at $182), for awards of 75 to 249 weeks the compensation will be set at two-thirds of your average weekly wages (maxed at $365), and for awards of 250 weeks or more the compensation will be set at two-thirds of your average weekly wages (maxed out at $821). The following is an incomplete list for an example of what a lost body part is “worth” in terms of weeks of benefits paid:
    • Little finger: 25 weeks
    • Index finger: 40 weeks
    • Thumb: 100 weeks
    • One toe other than the big toe: 10 weeks
    • Total hearing loss of one year: 125 weeks
    • Eye: 250 weeks
    • Hand: 250 weeks
    • Arm: 300 weeks

In addition to wage and medical expenses, you can also receive compensation for your travel to and from your scheduled physician’s appointments. For 2018, you will receive 54 cents per mile, according to the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission. Employees are also eligible for wages replacement for time spent going to doctor’s appointments, vocational training, and in the event of death, the workers’ family can receive death benefits.

Work Injury Benefits – Your Rights Under the Law

The Maryland workers’ compensation system protects employees and their dependents from financial hardships that arise from job-related injuries. Under this system, employees first file a claim with the Workers’ Compensation Commission; the Commission’s decision may later be appealed in a circuit court.

Employees do not need to prove that the employer was at fault when submitting a claim with the Commission. The work-injury benefits to which an injured employee is entitled depend on the nature and extent of the injury involved. These benefits may include compensation for:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical expenses (including doctor visits and prescriptions)
  • Death benefits
  • Out-of-pocket costs
  • Mileage for travel to therapy or treatment
  • Money award for

Although work-related injuries are likely to happen on construction sites, in chemical factories and in manufacturing plants, they are also common in office environments, where injuries can include:

  • Repetitive strain syndrome
  • Slip-and-fall injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Muscle strain

We Work Hard for You

Workers’ compensation laws are complex. Our skill and experience can help you navigate the claims process. If your employer’s insurance company refuses to provide you with medical treatment, we can ask the Workers’ Compensation Commission to order the insurer to do so. You may be eligible for benefits in addition to lost wages and medical expenses, and we will help you demand recovery for these losses, including money for permanent injury.

We are a full-service law firm and we handle every aspect of our clients’ cases, including contact with the employers and the workers’ compensation insurance companies.

We coordinate the provision of benefits to make sure that you receive those to which you are entitled. We strive to arrange authorization for the medical treatment and the payment of lost wages that you deserve, and we will represent you at all required hearings. We pride ourselves on being accessible to our clients, and we return all calls promptly.

Contact Our Experienced Maryland Wages & Medical Expenses Attorney

If you were injured on the job and need representation to help you recover lost wages, medical expenses or other losses incurred by the injury, by e-mail, or call our Pasadena office at 410-255-0373 or our Stevensville office at 410-643-2202 and schedule a free initial consultation.

We accept Visa and MasterCard. We make home and hospital visits to clients who are incapacitated.

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